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How To Choose The Best Vegan Protein Powder For You

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As you know that protein is one of the most essential nutrients for our overall health. It helps the body to repair damaged cells and make new ones and is also great for growth and development in children, teenagers, and pregnant women. Common sources of animal protein are milk, fish, eggs, and meats and plant-based protein are soy, beans, legumes, nuts, and some grains.

Protein powder is an easy and efficient way to fulfill your daily protein requirement. With the animal protein powders, there are plant-based protein vitamin supplements are also available. Plant-based protein powders are known as Vegan Protein powders. They are the preferred protein powder choice for people who want to maintain an animal product-free diet.

What is Vegan Protein Powder?

There are lots of different varieties of protein powder available in the market. These protein powders contain about six main protein sources including whey, soy, collagen, egg, and pea protein. Vegan protein powder is derived strictly from vegetarian sources and is fully free from dairy or other animal products.

Traditional protein powders including vegan options have three different types:

  • Protein Concentrates:

It is formulated by using heat and enzymes to extract the protein from the source. Concentrates are typically made with 70% pure protein, fat, and carbohydrates, which gives them a nice taste.

  • Protein isolates:

Protein isolates are concentrated with 90% of pure protein and the rest is the carbohydrates and fat.

  • Protein hydrolysates:

Protein hydrolysates help to heat the protein to break it down into its essential building blocks called amino acids and allow the protein to be absorbed by the body more directly as well as filter out fat and carbohydrates.

Vegan Protein Powder Benefits

There are many health benefits of vegan protein powder:

Turn Down Risk of Chronic Disease

Many researches proved that plant protein helps in reducing the risk of chronic disease and premature death, this is due to the plant-based products consume more fiber and phytonutrients and less saturated fat than animal-based. Using a vegan protein powder in place of one formulated from animal-based ingredients is one of the easiest ways to switch from animal to plant.

Reduced Risk of Allergy

Vegan Protein powders can help you avoid common food allergens, including casein and whey. Some people are also an allergen to soy, so avoid those protein powders which are made from soy. If you have any type of food allergies, sensitivities, or intolerances, read protein powder ingredient labels carefully before making a purchase.

More Conscious of the Environment

Plant-based proteins are more environmentally conscious options than animal-based. According to the research, the environmental benefits of vegan products, they emit 30%-90% less greenhouse gas, cause 51%-91% less aquatic nutrient pollution, use 72%-99% less water, and use 47%-99% less land than conventional animal products.

A Great Source of Healthy Protein Intake

It maintains adequate protein intake from dietary sources, for those who don’t take protein in their diet appropriately, The vegan protein powder is an effortless way to amp up healthy protein intake.

There are some common types of vegan protein powder

  • Soy
  • Pumpkin
  • Rice
  • Spirulina
  • Blue-Green Algae
  • Chickpea
  • Hemp
  • Pea
  • Sacha Inchi

What’s the Difference Between Vegan Protein Powder and Animal Protein Powder?

The main difference between vegan protein powder and animal one is that they come from plants and animals respectively. Non-vegan protein powders contain whey and casein, which are dairy-based proteins, also animal-based proteins contain all nine essential amino acids that require by our body, except soybeans and peanuts, Most vegan proteins do not provide all the nine essential amino acids.

How to Choose the Best Vegan Protein Powder

Whenever you are shopping for a vegan protein powder, experts recommend looking for products that are recognizable to you and avoid artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors. You should find single-ingredient vegan protein powders where the only ingredients are the plant protein itself and nothing else. They are more versatile than others, they can be used in a wider variety of dishes.

The best sources of protein will be organic and non-GMO. Organic and non-GMO are free from contamination with pesticides, which are harmful to gut bacteria and can lead to a leaky gut. So, when you shop for a vegan protein powder, common protein sources include blends of different plant-based proteins, such as pea, brown rice, and different seeds, making these varieties of vegan protein powders the most accessible and often affordable. Besides these, soy-based protein powders might have a nutritional edge over other varieties, as they contain all nine essential amino acids.

Side Effects of Vegan Protein Powder

Some vegan protein powders are made with common allergens, if you have any type of food allergies or sensitivities, read the ingredients list carefully to prevent any unwanted effects.

If you have an allergy or sensitivity to soy, avoid soy-containing vegan protein powder, the same goes with other ingredients. These types of people are considered to be hypoallergenic. The side effects of a vegan protein powder are nausea, gas, abdominal pain, distension, and even diarrhea.

How Much Protein Powder You Should Consume Daily?

The consumption of protein powder depends on various factors, an adult should get 10% to 35% of their total daily calories from protein. If you take 1,500 calories a day, 150 to 525 of those calories should be derived from protein sources, which means you should consume 50 t0 175 grams of protein daily.

If you don’t think your protein intake is enough from daily food sources alone, you can include a supplement with a protein powder as suggested by a dietitian nutritionist. A regular serving size ranges from 15 to 20 grams per scoop, so you can use this measurement as a tool to help you meet your daily protein consumption goals.

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