Want To Join The Neato Nutrition Team?

  • Become a Sponsored Athlete
  • Receive Exclusive Discounts & Offers
  • Build Your Own Community
  • Earn Additional Income
  • Access to New Products And Much More!


This is your opportunity to earn extra cash and free supplements by promoting health and wellness to others. What are you waiting for?

What is the Neato Ambassador Program?

The Neato Ambassador Program was created to support our community of health and wellness. Our Ambassadors have a passion for helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. This can be through proper diet, exercise and fitness programs, and of course, proper supplementation.

We work closely with our Neato Ambassadors to provide them support and tools to help grow their personal brand and in turn making a consistent extra source of income. We are proud to onboard new Neato Ambassadors will join our mission to being the best online supplement company.

Here at the Neato team, we are excited to extend the opportunity for you to potentially join our team. We want to provide you a safe environment and support you in an opportunity to truly strive and succeed in the health and wellness space. We look forward to working with you and spreading our mission globally!


Sponsored Ambassador

Earn a sponsored ambassador position with Neato Nutrition. We are always looking to find truly passionate ambassadors who are performing well to sponsor. Once sponsored, we’re here to provide free supplement packs and more to help support you grow even further!


Earn Extra Income

Earn extra money with us and stop limiting your potential. As a Neato Ambassador, you have unlimited earning potential. There is no cap to how much you can earn by simply sharing and promoting what you already do. There’s nothing better than making money and helping others achieve their goals at the same time!


Exclusive Products & Offers

We will provide access to new products and promotions before it even hits the market. Taking care of our Neato Ambassadors is something that we take pride in and you can definitely benefit from exclusive discounts for your own personal use!

Register a new affiliate account

Neato Ambassadors will receive 10% commission of sales from the referral via Paypal, e-Transfer, or a store credit (10% bonus). A minimum of $100 must be met for a payment to be sent. As a Sponsored Ambassador you can earn up to 15% commission of all sales.

Eligible referrals are new customers that use your code and convert within 7 days. Referrals MUST use your coupon code or ambassador link, there will be no claims if either methods were not used during the order. If there is a discrepancy between in the WordPress plugin tracking and subtotal in in our e-commerce backend, commission is paid out based on our e-commerce backend.

There are no negotiations for missed payments. We will send the payment and keep proof for up to 30 days. If the payment is not accepted (e-transfer) within 30 days, we will not re-send a payment.

Cookies are valid up to 7 days. If your referral does not use your link within 7 days, then it will become invalid, unless you provide them the link to use again.

Eligibility to receive free Neato Nutrition products is based on monthly sales and may fluctuate.

We have the right to audit referrals and sales. There will be no tolerance for any fraudulent activity.