Elevating Our Ultimate Boba Protein Milk Tea Experience

Welcome to the exciting world of boba protein where we transform our classic brown sugar milk tea into a healthy protein-packed sensation! We have some new updates to our existing Brown Sugar Milk Tea whey protein product. Get ready to savour a stronger tea taste, an more milk tea feel, and a smoother texture—all with the added benefits of whey protein isolate. As we take this delicious journey, we’re also introducing better packaging to make your guilt-free indulgence even more satisfying.

We’ve taken your feedback and ready to launch a more exciting and improved version of Neato Boba Protein. Let’s delve into the details of our revamped brown sugar milk tea protein product that now doubles as a bubble tea protein powerhouse.

Authentic Milk Tea Feel: Crafting Tradition with Boba Protein

Experience the best of both worlds with our enhanced formula that captures the essence of traditional milk tea. We’ve received some feedback that our product could taste more like milk tea and that it tastes like the brown sugar boba pearls. Instead of the product tasting like a sweet caramel boba pearls, which was how it was best described, think of it now as more of an OG Milk Tea with an essence of brown sugar.

The sweet warmth of a cup of black tea, combined with the wholesome benefits of whey protein, ensures a satisfying and authentic milk tea feel. Say goodbye to compromise as we redefine the boundaries of indulgence and nutrition in a single cup.

Smooth Sips with Bubble Tea Protein Powder: Less Foam, More Elegance

Our commitment to perfection extends to the texture of your drink. Another key piece of feedback that we received from our users is that the product is a little bit too foamy. Unfortunately, the foam is something that is almost impossible to remove due to the natural oils of the black tea. These oils cause the protein to be more foamy when mixed and shaken vigorously. The good news is we found a way to reduce it quite a bit.

With our new bubble tea protein powder, we’ve achieved a velvety smoothness that eliminates excess foam. Before it was an airy foam, that was a little it hard to drink and gets stuck to your face like a boba ‘stache. Now, instead of foamy, it will be a little bit frothy, giving it a nice silky and creamy texture. Every sip is now a delicious, protein-infused treat, providing a luxurious and guilt-free indulgence that your taste buds will thank you for.

Premium Packaging To Contain Boba Tea Protein Goodness


Boba Protein

Neato Boba Protein Tubs

Let’s talk about those big, hunky, plastic tubs of protein powder.

We’ve been wanting to get rid of them for a while. So that’s exactly what we are doing! We are designing and transitioning our product over to protein powder bags instead. These bags will make it easier to ship, especially when you purchase multiple units. The best part for us is that it is truly space efficient. It will take less space in your cabinets and drawers, and as you go through the bag, you can fold it to conserve more space. The worst thing for us is using 50-75% of the protein, and the tub is still 100% of its big size. Now imagine you have 2,3 or even more tubs of protein in your drawer and how much space that takes! Lastly, your milk tea boba protein will stay fresh as the bag is metalized and has a resealable zipper.


In conclusion, our revitalized brown sugar milk tea, now enriched with boba protein, is poised to redefine your beverage experience. Another note is we’re likely changing the name a bit to meet some Health Canada standards. With an emphasis on our mission in making supplements more fun and exciting, we invite you to embark on a journey where taste meets nutrition. Our commitment to sustainability through eco-friendly packaging is the cherry on top, promising a greener tomorrow with every sip. Join us in this delightful fusion of flavour, texture, and wellness, as we raise our cups to a new era of boba protein indulgence.

P.S. Here’s a sneak peak to our newest boba protein flavour that is coming up real soon!

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