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Boba Protein? Say Hello To the NEW Neato Boba Protein

Boba Protein

In the world of fitness, nutrition, and boba, the demand for boba protein has never been higher. We experienced this last year when we launched our Neato 100% Whey Protein – Boba Series. Now, we have a brand new product and an improvement to that incredibly launched protein powder. Introducing, Neato Boba Protein, the revolutionary whey protein isolate that combines benefits of high-quality protein with the delicious essence of brown sugar milk tea. In this post, we’ll go over and explore this product, the differences between the old version and the new, and how it can take your fitness journey experience to the next level.

What is Neato Boba Protein?

Boba Protein

Neato Boba Protein

The Power of Whey Protein Isolate

The first and primary ingredient of this product is whey protein isolate. I know you may just want a delicious drink, but protein is typically the primary reason to consume it. Whey protein isolate, derived from milk, is a highly regarded protein source due to its exceptional amino acid profile and rapid absorption rate. Our whey protein isolate is ultra filtered, meaning we retain as much protein as possible with  little carbs ands fat. The high amount of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAS) will allow for more effective muscle recovery and development. Our product harnesses the power of whey protein isolate with a whopping 27 grams of protein per scoop and 7.2 grams of BCAAs!

The Essence of Brown Sugar Milk Tea

Boba tea, AKA bubble tea, has gained incredible popularity worldwide for its unique flavour and chewy tapioca pearls. We capture the essence of this beloved drink by infusing REAL BLACK TEA and brown sugar flavours into its formulation. Imagine savouring the rich and aromatic notes of brown sugar combined with the velvety texture of milk tea, all in a convenient and refreshing protein shake. This also provides benefits of black tea, which offers natural energy, as well as lots of antioxidants. Our flavour profile sets us apart from traditional protein powders, providing a delectable experience that you will truly enjoy. Unfortunately, no actual boba pearls though, sorry!

Protein Should Be Easy

Our boba tea protein powder is going to make things easier for you. It’ll be your brand new companion in fitness. In the fast-pace world we live in, finding a product that support our health goals without compromising taste can be challenging. Neato Boba Protein will bridge this gap to combine functionality and indulgence. It will act as your companion in your health and fitness journey, making your post-workout routine exciting and your protein shakes enjoyable. We know that convenience is important, so this will definitely give you the best of that: great macros to support your fitness goals, incredibly delicious flavours to make it easy for you intake protein shakes, and of course, you can replace those cravings of boba for this perfect replacement.

Healthy Protein With The Delicious Flavours of Boba

This is one of our slogans for our boba tea protein. Traditional cups of boba are high in calories, and extremely high in sugar. It’s delicious, but it’s not really the healthiest thing to consume, especially when you want it all the time! We have changed the game. Now, you can enjoy the delicious flavours of boba, without all the guilt. We pride ourEach scoop contains only 121 calories, 27g of protein, 1g of sugar, 1g of fat. Now it’s super easy to enjoy boba and achieve your health and fitness goals.

What’s the difference between Neato Boba Protein and Neato 100% Whey Protein: Boba Series?

Boba Protein

Actually, the two products are quite similar, but our new version is an upgrade. The main change is that it now uses only whey protein isolate as the protein source, whereas previously was our signature blend which is half whey protein concentrate and half whey protein isolate.

The difference is that there is an improvement in macro ratios.  Our new product boba tea protein powder has:

  • Less calories (121 calories)
  • More protein (27g)
  • More BCAAs (7.2g)
  • Less fat (1g)
  • Less carbs (1g)

The flavour tastes almost identical, but you’re just getting a nice upgrade! Another thing to note as well is that the new protein powder is filtered a bit more, so you are getting the cleaner macros, but also less lactose too.

The ingredients are actually pretty much the same except for the protein upgrade. No fillers and random ingredients that some other protein powder supplements have on the market.

Whey protein isolate, Instant black tea, Natural flavour, Sucralose, Non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin

Where did the old one go?

You can still get the previous version now listed on our Neato 100% Whey Protein product. It is priced to sell and is still available in 1lb, 2lb, and 5lb variations. If you’re looking to save some money and want to try it, you can try this version. While you’re there, you can check out our traditional flavours of whey protein powder, such as: vanilla ice cream, cookies & cream, chocolate fudge milkshake, espresso cappuccino and more. Once we’re sold out, we’re OUT, so get it now while it’s still available!

What’s next on the menu?

Here at Neato Nutrition, we have tons of new goals for you. When it comes to our boba protein series, we are hoping to launch 2-5 new flavours this next year. We already have a few in the works and hope to launch it as soon as we can. Think about matcha, taro, honeydew, and more exciting flavours to come down your way.

We also have some cool apparel and new blender bottles coming your way.

Product wise, we are really focusing exciting protein flavours, then supplements to help aid in both muscle building and weight management. Down the line, we also want to focus on more vitamins, mental health support, and much more.


Neato Boba Protein stands out as an exceptional protein supplement that marries the benefits of whey protein isolate with the irresistible taste of boba tea. Its unique flavour profile, high-quality ingredients, and nutritional balance make it a game changer in the fitness nutrition world. You can now treat yourself a delicious treat while fueling your muscles for optimal growth and recovery. Embrace our brand new product and take a step forward towards a more flavourful fitness journey!

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